I Don't Give A Shit About Your Pitch

By: Brian Cardarella
Spock Pitch

Spock Pitch

I like going to Boston Technology Social events for three reasons:

  1. I live in Boston
  2. I like talking about technology
  3. I’m a social person and I enjoy meeting new people

Lately, there has been a growing trend. I can see it coming from a mile away. The shoulders go back, the stance widens, the pupils dialate. Oh fuck, I’m about to get pitched to. I come away feeling violated, I want to take shower. But I know it’s just going to happen again and again.

This is not a Boston problem, but I suspect it is a tech problem. I cannot go to a tech event any more and expect to have actual conversations with people. It’s true that when you’re making new connections sometimes the conversation is just small talk, but it seems the (self appointed) entrepreneures have decided that any opportunity to practice their pitch is a good one.

Fight Club

I blame the incubators for this. Last year I went to TechStars For A Day. It was terrible. Terrible enough to get me to pull my submission. (in retrospect it didn’t have a chance) People lined up to speak to the mentors, pitch, move to the next person. The experience was dehumanizing. But I can see how people come out of it thinking they need to perfect their pitch. Mostly because that message is drilled into your head. The only thing between you and millions of dollars is the perfect pitch.

I want to talk to people, not to a robot, not to a walking advertisement. Nailing that pitch is not going to