Native App Developers: We Can Help You

By: Dan McClain

If you have an existing app, and are looking for a server component, whether it be adding a syncing service to your app, building out a web version to extend your user experience, or need a site to showcase your app, we have both the design and development resources to make that happen.

You might have realized that iCloud doesn’t fit your needs, or you want a web application that interacts with your app. We can build your API to fit your exact needs, so you don’t need to fight iCloud to fit your needs. You may be looking to build out a new RSS service that needs to parse and cache RSS feeds. We have the experience and resources that will help you bring a server heavy component to your app.

You may have users looking to use your application when they aren’t on their phone. We can design and build a rich web application that brings your app to the browser without losing the spirit of your app. You might need a marketing site with video demos and screenshots of your app. We can design and build a site that really shows off your application.

If any of these sound like you, you should get in touch with us.