Goodbye Heroku

By: Brian Cardarella

I’ve been a Heroku user since the beginning. And I understand they have had their ups and downs but over the past 2 years the service has been degrading and today was the last straw for me. Allow me to elaborate.


Today Heroku had a “Scheduled Maintenance at 2pm EST”. First of all, this is just stupid. Don’t schedule a maintenance period at 2pm EST for anything. That period of time has to be one of the most heavily trafficked timeslots on the web. Its an hour after everyone on the East Coast has come back from lunch. It is an hour before lunch on the West Coast. This, to me, demonstrates a lack of judgement on Heroku’s part. I know the counter-argument is going to be “we’ve done plenty of other scheduled maintenances at 2pm EST without incident”. My reply is that this counter-argument is bullshit. Just because you got away without problems previously doesn’t mean they won’t happen in the future. Things go wrong, people screw up. When Heroku has control over when those screwups occur and they choose to push that risk at 2pm EST that is a problem.

Reporting of Downtime

I am convinced their Status team just sits on Twitter all day and waits for enough people to bitch and complain that Heroku is down before they update the status page. I don’t care what data they provide to the contrary. Why is the updated status page important? When our customers email us during our vacation pissed off that we are not around and we have nothing to show to them to prove that this is Heroku’s fault and not ours, to me that status page being updated immediately before our customers discover on their own is very important.


It has been heavily reported that AWS has cut their pricing quite a bit over the past few years. Yet, how many times has Heroku reduced its price? (Heroku resells AWS) To my knowledge zero. So everytime Amazon reduces EC2 pricing Heroku just pockets the difference and gives a “fuck you very much!” to all of its customers.

Fixes for All

The major downside to hosted devops is that when something goes wrong that affects everyone you usually have to wait until they make the fix for everyone before your app comes back up. What should probably be a 5 minute downtime at most turns into a 30 minute downtime at least.


Buildpacks are just terrible.


I get that I’m ranting and I’m pretty pissed off. But mistakes like today’s are completely avoidable yet Heroku chose to expose everyone to this increased risk for no good reason that I can see.

We will no longer be starting any new customers on Heroku. And we will recommend to our current customers to move off of Heroku. We’re big fans of Digital Ocean so we’re likely to land there as our preferred hosting service.