Job: Senior UI & Visual Designer

By: Steven Trevathan

We are looking for the next addition to our design team.

The ideal candidate is someone who can demonstrate a strong user-centric approach to their work, cares deeply about how their work will ultimately function, has been part of the user research process in the past, and shows strength in typography, color, and information layout.

We’re a design-driven software consultancy with design projects typically lasting 2-4 months. If you’re sick of working on the same product for years at a time, this may be a welcome change for you. Many of our client projects are “greenfield”, so you’ll have the opportunity to define the core concepts that will permeate throughout the application and be built upon as the product grows.

We are also heavily involved in the Boston design community. We very successfully ran our first UX East Camp last Nov, we host and coorganize UX Boston, run UX Happy Hour, speak at industry conferences and meetups, and blog about our experience (blog traffic is around 300 hits per day). If you’re publishing your work and articles through DockYard they will get traction.

You will be expected to take part in your community and we will give you tools to do so. We run weekly internal talks on a rotating schedule, run company wide peer-reviews of blog posts, and will fly you to one industry conference a year.

DockYard also has a full engineering team on staff (actually much larger than the design team by about 2-to-1). They are experts in both front and back end technologies. The implementation of your work will be on-point and very well engineered.

We offer better than market rates. Full health and dental coverage (no matter what your coverage requirements are). We also have 6 weeks of vacation time per year. 4 of those are mandatory vacation.

This is an on-site position in Boston, MA.

If this type of working environment interests you, then we’d love to hear from you. E-mail us (we do not work with recruiters) to get in touch.