DockYard Expands To San Diego

By: Brian Cardarella

For almost two years I’ve been talking a big game inside DockYard about opening a San Diego office. The need for this became more apparent after the winter of early 2015 in Boston. Try recruiting anyone to move to Boston after hearing about nearly 20 ft of snow being dumped on the city. So I figured we’ll open an office in the nicest place in America.

Having a San Diego office gives us a West Coast presence. Heading up this effort we’ve hired Heather Brysiewicz. She’s been heavily involved with the tech community in San Diego for a few years now, running the SD JS meetup and founding the SD Ember meetup. She recently started co-organizing the SD Elixir meetup. On top of that she’s an amazing engineer.

We’re beginning to explore other locations as well. As we continue to grow some of our existing employees have expressed interest in leaving Boston. Until recently we held a “Boston-only” policy but over the past six months we’ve been experimenting with changing this. Our reluctance lay within managing client projects with remote devs properly and exporting our culture. Our team has been working hard to codify many of the aspects of what it means to work at DockYard but also work with DockYard. We’ve come to a good comfort level with remote developers and the idea of other “DockYard”s outside of Boston.

Starting today we’re now accepting contracts and offering on-site training for Ember.js and Elixir for the West Coast. a%0Ahref=%22https:/ you have a project in mind please get in touch!