We're looking for a designer!

We’ve got several exciting projects lined up, and we’re looking to grow the design team on a per-project basis.

We’re looking for a designer with strength in both UX and visual design. Design research experience would be a plus.

For this project, you would be paired up with a DockYard designer to help lead a 4-6 week product discovery. You would get the opportunity to see a product through from conception to finished visual designs, user testing, and even collaboration with Engineers. Our sprint-based, focused approach to working, in close collaboration with our team and the client, is ideal for achieving deep, high quality work.

This contract engagement would be ideal for a mid- to senior designer looking to expand their toolkit, and collaborate closely with a premier web application consultancy. This opportunity could lead to a full time position in the future, based on a 32-hour workweek.

This contract requires you to be in-person at our office in Boston for the duration.

Send us a note - we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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