Angelo Simeoni is a DockYarder!

Angelo Simeoni

I first met Angelo when we both worked at zendesk two years ago. I had heard about him before this as he had done some redesigns for The Boston Ruby Group website. Over the few months that zendesk was in Boston we got to be friends, and when we both left zendesk I knew this was someone I wanted to work with again in the future. That opportunity came when I moved back to Boston in the summer of 2010. For the past year Angelo and I have been collaborating on several projects and I'm happy to announce that he has agreed to come on as a partner for DockYard.

Angelo has been working in Rails for a few years now, and is a master of all things CSS. His love for typefaces has influenced me quite a bit in how I approach web design.

You can view a lot of Angelo's work over at his personal site: CSSBoy.

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