Russ Jones is a DockYarder!

By: Brian Cardarella
Russ Jones

Russ Jones

Russ and I met during the first Rails Camp New England. Over the past few years we’ve gotten to know one another and have been looking to collaborate as developers. Last March Russ, myself, and a few others, got together to talk about the possibility of starting our own consultancy. Since getting a bunch of freelancers on the same schedule is difficult, it wasn’t until 8 months later that I was finally able to bring Russ in on a project.

Russ has been developing in Rails since 2006, but has been focusing most of his recent development efforts on the client. When we joined up he immediately took ownership of a mobile web application, bringing some sanity to a combination of Phonegap, jQueryMobile and Backbone. He’s already released a few open source projects for DockYard: jquery-backbone and ember-jasmine-standalone.

I’m very happy to announce that Russ has agreed to come on board as a partner.

Now I just have to get him to write some blog posts…

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