We are hiring for a fulltime Ember.js developer

By: Brian Cardarella

We are looking for an Ember.js Developer. Our ideal candidate:

  • Work on cutting-edge Ember.js applications
  • Passionate about new HTML/JavaScript technologies
  • Has experience building complex client side applications
  • Some backend experience would be nice
  • Some database experience would be nice
  • Enjoys contributing to open source, writing blog posts, giving talks
  • Willing to live in Boston (we can relocate for the right candidate)

Our current tech stack:

DockYard is a Boston-based consultancy that always wants to work with the best people and the best technology. We are committed to Ember.js as a client side framework. We help organize the Boston Ember.js meetup and I recently spoke at Ember Camp in San Francisco. We are already building tools around Ember.js and hope to continue to improve and build new ones in the upcoming years.

Please email contact@dockyard.com with all relevant information on why you would be an ideal candidate for a fulltime Ember.js developer.