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A Progressive Web App takes advantage of the latest the web has to offer.

While traditional web apps and mobile apps are both powerful, they each have their own limitations…

Traditional Web Apps
Deliver less advanced usability.
Don’t leverage device capabilities.
Are often far too slow to enjoy.
Traditional Mobile Apps
Require multiple builds across platforms.
Are less discoverable by search engines.
Have a high abandon rate.

Progressive Web Apps relieve these limitations by delivering a user experience that combines the benefits of both web and mobile apps…

  • Instant access from a homescreen.

  • Push notifications to your users.

  • Geolocation standard.

  • Capable of delivering content while offline.

  • Accessible on all modern browsers.

  • Incredibly fast, and responsive to all devices.

  • Secure and Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

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See a PWA in action!

We created a sample PWA to showcase their capabilities. High Tide allows users to determine when and where high tides will be, providing add to homescreen functionality, notifications, offline mode, and more.

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With our expertise in web technologies we can speed up development and stability of advanced features in progressive web apps, and deliver an experience your users expect.

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