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Our full project clients are making impact in both public and private sectors, at both enterprise and startup scale. They hire us to solve unique challenges through design, development, and project management expertise. Each project has its own unique challenges and context, but they commonly see some mixture of research, strategy, design, engineering, and project management.

  • Research & Strategy

    We dig past the surface layer of what we think we know about our users. Using what we discover, our clients collaborate with our designers and engineers to identify the best way forward. Together, we make business and technical opportunities visible, define features, and validate them before making any hard product decisions.

    This part of the project often requires conducting user interviews, usability studies, and user testing with existing software and prototyped solutions.

    We loved working with DockYard. The team brought energy, creativity and enthusiasm to every meeting. They quickly got up to speed on our business, understood our goals and executed with amazing efficiency.

    Jon Finegold VP of Marketing Scratch Wireless
  • Design

    The same practice of prototyping and user testing to validate the product direction continues in Design. We move from our earlier wireframes and prototypes to higher fidelity designs, but we don’t make that jump all at once. It takes many broad strokes to get validation on the graphical direction, just like validating any feature, to make it a clear bet for fine tuning.

    Here we create visual moodboards, experiment with typography, color, and layout.

    The folks at DockYard took the time to understand our users and worked hard to create a solution where CoachUp’s value proposition was clear. Having a team focused entirely on a great user experience was absolutely critical to our success.

    Arian Radmand Director of Engineering and Founder CoachUp
  • Software Engineering

    We take building user experiences very seriously. With developer ergonomics in mind, we create scalable, extendable, test-driven applications with Elixir on the backend and Ember.js in the browser. In high collaboration with our designers, our end products are ensured to meet the quality we’re known to deliver.

    DockYard sees the big picture, and they can work with you to craft the solution that meets and exceeds the needs of your users while also providing world-class developer ergonomics and incredible training.

    Hassan Abdel-Rahman Senior Software Developer McGraw-Hill Education
  • Project/Product Management

    Our project managers apply modern techniques to monitor scope, schedule, cost, and quality of every project. They select the right recipe of practices to align with project context whether it is honing in on a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or hitting a key time to market objective. Our project managers are schooled in techniques typically imposed by Product Managers. Thus, they are able to break complex problems down into executable chunks which can be used as yardsticks for progress and help enable prioritization decisions.

    DockYard totally internalized my business needs. So much so, that it was like having a good product manager, in addition to designers and developers. They took the time to hash through questions before reaching out to me, which dramatically reduced my workload as the application owner.

    Emily Burns CEO Learnivore

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