Credit Card Reviews

A catalog of credit card reviews and ratings from real people.

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Credit Card Reviews delivers informative reviews from finance professionals and online tools for matching users with credit card offers. We worked with CEO & Founder, Russ Nauta, from design to deployment.

The Challenge

Credit Card Reviews delivers informative reviews from a community of both finance professionals and real people. It is a tool for providing consumers with credit cards that fit their spending habits. The name of the game here is trust and transparency, two rare qualities of the credit card world. Through a dynamic and community driven product experience, Credit Card Reviews aims to be that reliable, informative resource.

Having worked with several local and national agencies over the past ten years, my experience with DockYard was by far the best of all. Using any other outfit for my application would have been a mistake.

Russ Nauta CEO Credit Card Reviews

The Solution

The Balance Transfer Calculator

Great user experience comes from the pairing of thoughtful design and purposeful engineering. We created the “Balance Transfer Calculator,” an elegant new tool for comparison shopping, using Ember. Without transitioning to separate pages, the user answers a short series of questions (just one at a time) and the offer results are displayed in real-time on the same page. This allowed us to create a fluid experience for the user through the responsive nature of Ember.

Balance transfer calculator By putting specific information about your card in the Balance Transfer Calculator, we can help narrow down the results very quickly.

SEO-friendly CMS

Leveraging its network of finance professionals, Credit Card Reviews needed a content management system (CMS), to enable experts to review each card in the system. We built a platform which dynamically generated search engine optimized (SEO) HTML, while also allowing for manual customization. Anticipating the SEO challenges beforehand allowed us to engineer a CMS that put Credit Card Reviews on the first page of Google search results.

Home Page We needed a way to show reviews without being overwhelming, but enough so we could lead the user through a variety of cards on the site.

User-Centered Design

Trust, assurance, and friendliness were key characteristics of the product we aimed to convey. To reflect that tone through visual design, the use of contrast through color and typography allowed us to maximize legibility and promote calls to action. A clean, open layout supported ease of use and navigation.

Gallery Page We kept the card limitation to 3 on the gallery page. That way, you can easily compare each without looking through a long list.

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