GitHub Is One Commit Away From Being The Ultimate Blog Engine

Brian Cardarella

CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

This past August GitHub released file editing using the Ace code editor. It’s pretty damn awesome if you haven’t tried it. Basically, you get TextMate in your browser. Here at DockYard we’ve been using GitHub Pages to host this blog. The posts are written in Jekyll. So we’re doing all of our post creation and editing locally.

The Dream

It would be great if GitHub allowed us to create new blobs from the web interface. At that point GitHub would be a full-service blog engine. Think about it, they already do the hosting, version tracking, and editing of files through the web interface. If file creation was added that’s pretty much all I would want. (Jekyll has a way to track drafts by setting the published flag)

So if anybody at GitHub is reading, can we please have this feature?


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