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Society of Grownups

Society of Grownups (SOG) approached DockYard to improve code in its existing Ember.js application. The engagement grew to a rebuild of the Ember.js application as well as of the Node.js backed with Elixir and Phoenix. DockYard managed the entire project, working in an integrated fashion with SOG engineers.



DockYard strategy, user experience, design, engineering, and project management have worked with the Netflix Production Operations team since 2016. We are partnering to build web apps that transform how Netflix Originals get produced.

Product Strategy, Product Design, Engineering

Participatory Politics Foundation

DockYard led digital strategy, experience design, and development for a responsive web application for concerned citizens to view political histories and ask questions to city and state elected officials surrounding current issues.

Product Strategy, Product Design, Engineering

Workers’ Voice

DockYard led digital product development for a platform to help organizers improve engagement from activists. Our strategy, user experience, design, and development enabled us to design a digital tool that has transformed the way the client interacts and communicates with activists.

Product Strategy, Product Design, Engineering


As an Apple-approved vendor, DockYard works across many Apple groups on some of their largest public-facing web properties. Our user experience, product design, engineering, and project management consultants have shaped some of Apple’s most strategic digital initiatives.

Product Design, Engineering

The eCommerce site needed to reduce operating costs while creating a richer customer experience. DockYard helped the automotive retailer replace more than 250 microservices running on NodeJS with a single Elixir umbrella codebase, replacing the system with a more powerful one that will enable better functionality.


Constant Contact

DockYard partnered with a large team of client strategists, usability experts, designers, and developers. Working with its existing Ruby on Rails application, we contributed to internal Ruby libraries, and performed application optimizations, resolving software errors and enhancing feature development.


Harvard University

Harvard’s Center for European Studies hired DockYard to refresh its website’s user experience, branding, and design, while preparing for future scalability. We redesigned the homepage to help with navigation and designed a calendar featuring a modern interactive experience highlighting key events.

Product Design

The RealReal

This global luxury retailer leveraged DockYard’s engineering consulting to streamline its architecture, enabling a more sophisticated shopping experience. The work allowed the eCommerce business to improve in other ways — from a better mobile experience to advanced customer service to smarter payment processing.



Openbay approached DockYard to help build its MVP web application. We led digital product development and branding for the marketplace that efficiently connects vehicle service providers with customers in need of firms they can trust.



DockYard designed an advanced digital service for notifications about train service disruptions, and created a secure data system to track trains. We also developed a new version of the MBTA’s API in Elixir, including improving the performance of the Phoenix application and creating administrative tools for the API.



DockYard worked with digital marketing and sales platform, Drift, to diagnose and fix system performance issues using Elixir and Phoenix development. This provided a financial boost, allowing the client to support more users on less hardware, leading to a faster and more reliable user experience.


Mariana Tek

DockYard led digital product development for a cross-platform, fitness point of sale, administration, and reporting application. Our digital strategy, user research, design, and unique methodology enabled an innovative digital solution that brought benefits to both Mariana Tek and customers.

Product Strategy, Product Design, Engineering


The client needed a scalable, secure system to execute cryptocurrency trades. DockYard created a virtual trading floor web application, built on a trade-matching engine that uses the concept of event sourcing, distributing well-known messages via Phoenix PubSub to workers and marketplaces involved in trading.



Using results from heuristics analysis and user research, our team redesigned Digilant’s real-time ad buying and campaign tool. This enabled Digilant to better align efforts with its sales and marketing strategy, modernize digital marketing, and significantly improve targeting.

Product Design


Tapology is a martial arts network that connects fans globally. The company hired DockYard to scale existing Rails infrastructure and update its technology stack, resulting in a host of benefits to the organization and to end users of the digital tool.


Scratch Wireless

DockYard designed a consumer-facing website for marketing Scratch Wireless’ mobile phones and services. The digital product development process offered Scratch the opportunity to enhance the buying experience for customers shopping for their first mobile devices.

Product Design


Decisiv engaged us for staff augmentation as the client’s internal team was breaking down its Ruby on Rails “monolith” into Elixir services. DockYard provided remote pair programming with the team, helping build out new services in Elixir, while offering development best practices.


Life Image

Life Image sought a robust web application to empower patients to take control of their breast health. DockYard developed a digital engagement platform offering secure patient data and medical imaging storage through an accessible interface and seamless web experience.



DockYard led design of the client’s APIs and provided front-end development for a real world, evidence-based digital product to enhance user interactions with clinical research. The successful tool was part of the firm’s recent acquisition by Medidata.


Sparta Science

Sparta Science needed a marketing website in Elixir. Our team developed based on detailed third-party designs. This freed up the medical software firm’s team to focus on long-term digital product roadmaps, and how to enhance the website experience.


The Outline

DockYard helped build the core infrastructure of The Outline’s news platform with Elixir and Phoenix. The digital tool included sophisticated collaborative editing, enabling the client to easily interact during the writing process, and access live previews of how stories would appear.



POA wanted to catalog data stored on a blockchain and allow it to be viewable by anyone in the marketplace. DockYard created a secure architecture that made cataloging fast, and built an API that exposes data to other developers. Afterwards, cataloging data time dropped from six days to six hours.


Spyce Food

An innovative food manufacturer and restaurateur needed to streamline its Elixir-based architecture. DockYard provided expertise to more efficiently deploy code for their cloud software applications, which improves data management, enables monitoring of operations in real time, and allows easy rollout of updates.



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