Netflix Move

Delivering digital transformation in Hollywood

DockYard was tasked with supporting Netflix in creating new applications outside its existing product roadmaps that would streamline on-set operations while integrating with the Netflix ecosystem.

A screenshot of the Prodicle | Move application with multiple schedule card ranging from 'Crew Call' to 'Lunch'
DockYard’s design allows Prodicle applications such as Move to be built in a modular fashion, with minimal impact to the product roadmaps of other apps with which they interact.

The challenge

The media and entertainment industry is a process of business operations as much as one of artistic and creative collaboration. People, facilities, vendors, safety and security, transportation, and other logistics must be managed like clockwork, while ensuring crews still feel connected creatively to the content. Communicating this process can be fast, complex, and often unorganized—with team members conveying anything from handwritten messages to massive text threads, or frantically waving down colleagues on the other side of the set.

The solution

DockYard developed Prodicle | Move, a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to alleviate the tactical burdens of production by managing unit locations, daily shooting schedules, hourly production goals, and real-time updates.

Move balances the real-time needs of production crews and the rich information needs of Netflix Studios.


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