Why Dockyard

The right team for the job

We understand the challenges faced when embracing new technology and tools. With this in mind, our expert team takes pride in ensuring you’re set up for success.

Our Traits

Pioneering the field

We provide access to the best resources at all times because we innovate every year to push core technologies forward.

High quality project management and execution

Our integrated approach allows us to solve problems quickly with stability and maintainability, ensuring your project is on time and within budget.

Our Services


Through data and user research, experimentation, and testing, we ensure what we’re building engages with your users the way they want.

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Using the best technologies for progressive web apps our engineers expertly architect and implement quality code that is cost effective for you, and is further supported by our design.

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We use technologies proven and supported by a large open-source community and adopted by leading companies like Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and IBM.

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Training and Support

We provide insight, resources, and the knowledge your team can learn and grow from to ensure comfort and success moving forward.

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