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As a fully distributed company we’ve found a formula that works. We truly believe in and practice a work-life balance that allows us to create our best work. Ever heard of a DockYard Friday? Take every Friday to work on fun internal projects, learn a new skill, or maybe get involved in our diversity group.

Meet our Team
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  • Ourselves

    We're not ones to be content with the status quo. So whether it's an internal project or any of the user experience challenges we take on, we're constantly learning and growing.

  • Our community

    We're a group of seriously curious problem solvers, but we're not the type to keep our progress to ourselves. That's why we share open-source contributions and more with our community to help others do better, too.

  • Our clients

    The going always gets tough. (We’re realists.) But you can count on us to get you through it. Two things that help: We’re as invested in your project as you are, and we don’t make promises we can’t deliver on.

Working together drives our curiosity

We blend our knowledge and skills across disciplines in an effort to both teach and learn from ourselves, our clients, and our greater community.

Join the team
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A distributed team that collaborates

We're a geographically diverse team and we work where we live. We make this arrangement beneficial for everyone and provide unparalleled freedom to work in a way that’s most productive for the individual.

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At DockYard, we welcome diversity and celebrate each person’s individuality. We're committed to continuously improving inclusion at our company by empowering, educating, and engaging every member of our community to create a better work environment for all.

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Regular get-togethers keep us connected

As a fully remote company, we fully utilize our in-person events to strengthen the connection and team spirit that’s required for all to work well together. We take the time to get to know each other in person, and provide team activities to do as well. Past and scheduled get-togethers have included amazing food, sports, tropical locations, skiing, and an entire island all to ourselves for a conference in New England.

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The DockYard Culture

  • Focus on quality

    We compete on quality — this means there’s not a stressful amount of pressure to meet unreasonable expectations. We project-manage towards specific quality goals, then let team members participate in planning their work to ensure the best possible result.

  • We trust you

    We hire responsible and caring people that we can trust. This is how we continue to do great things together. We practice paired design and programming on many projects, inspiring a great sense of camaraderie along the way.

  • Remote culture

    DockYard values its 100% remote workforce. We’re a remote-first company. This means we’re proactive sharers, flexible schedulers, and generally cheerful collaborators — no matter where we work.

I had a 1:1 with my boss Estelle and she noticed my pronouns changing often in my Slack profile and I took the leap to come out to Estelle as Elle with she/her pronouns. Estelle, and Sarah in HR, and IT handled the name change and me coming out so well. Coming out at work has probably been my best coming out experience.

Elle Imhoff

Principal Software Engineer

Always creating and growing

The web application landscape doesn’t stand still. We know where the web is going (and, in some cases, we’re leading the way). We’re able to ensure our customers and community are ready to take full advantage of that future.

Narwin coming up with an idea

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