Netflix Scheduling

Creating detailed schedules to keep teams and budgets on track

DockYard was tasked by Netflix to create a modern, custom scheduling application that enables users to collaborate, organize, and distribute comprehensive daily production schedules.

A screenshot of the P|Scheduling application showing multi-line selection
The custom-built app enables scalability to meet growing production needs, and integration capabilities enable companies to make the most of existing services while reducing the long-term costs associated with third-party subscription services.

The challenge

Traditionally, complex film and TV production schedules were cobbled together using third-party software and manual, pen-and-paper methods. As productions became more sophisticated and complex, the existing scheduling methods became increasingly inefficient, which caused confusion amongst production teams and significant filming delays.

The solution

DockYard created P|Scheduling, an integrated, easy-to-navigate web application that enables production managers to create, view, modify, and distribute schedules containing granular, vital production details. Scheduling collects and analyzes production data, giving studios a holistic look into processes and opportunities to improve efficiencies, forecast for future projects, and control budgets.

Narwin holding a press release sheet while opening the DockYard brand kit box