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We help you identify and understand your users. Through data, experimentation, and testing, we ensure your product engages with your users the way they’d want to be.

  • Design Research & Strategy

    To make successful products for companies that see a diverse set of users, like McGraw-Hill Education, we take a holistic approach. We get to know users. We understand the wider context of the product by benchmarking it against the market. From this vantage point, the path, tools, and processes to best design the product become clearer.

    DockYard totally internalized my business needs. So much so, that it was like having a good product manager, in addition to designers and developers. They took the time to hash through questions before reaching out to me, which dramatically reduced my workload as the application owner.

    Emily Burns CEO Learnivore
  • User Testing

    User testing is part of every design effort at DockYard, whether it’s a spin class administration prototype, tablet based educational app visual design, or a pre-existing reinsurance portfolio optimization tool. We handle recruiting, Q&A, and run the tests while our clients enjoy the benefit of full qualitative research and analysis.

    I was impressed at how the DockYard team came to feel like a part of the Scratch Wireless team. They talked to target customers, listened to our input, did their own research and really seemed to live and breathe Scratch Wireless throughout the process.

    Jon Finegold VP of Marketing Scratch Wireless
  • Design Sprints

    Companies building products in reinsurance analytics, fitness class registration, inventory management, file management and more have all benefited from Design Sprints at DockYard. A Design Sprint is a week long effort to rapidly discover, produce, and validate an idea without the over-encumbrance of requirements for a full product design.

    Having worked with several local and national agencies over the past ten years, my experience with DockYard was by far the best of all. Using any other outfit for my application would have been a mistake.

    Russ Nauta CEO Credit Card Reviews
  • UX Audits

    Your company and product is unique, and it takes just the right team, process, and work product to solve the business problems you’re there to solve. Our clients, including CoachUp, Learnivore, McGraw-Hill Education, and more have worked with us to provide process breakdowns and identify high impact areas that may be targeted for improvement.

  • Visual Design

    Visual design is just as important to the success of a product as the research done to validate the direction. We create mood boards, select typography, color, proportions, hierarchies, and design a comprehensive and adaptive grid layout system. We maintain our practices of continuous user testing and experimentation during Visual Design to preserve and improve upon successes in the earlier phases.

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