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We tailor our engagements to meet you where you are. Whether you’re looking for end-to-end product delivery or deep expertise that takes your team to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Product Strategy & Discovery

    Lay the Foundation

    Get a fully formed product vision that sets you up for successful delivery, whether it’s with your team, with us, or with someone else.

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  • Product Design & Delivery

    Make the App

    We do full new product builds and rebuilds. You get an MVP ready for market. Your users get a web or mobile digital experience they love.

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  • Engineering Consulting & Staffing

    Elixirists, at Your Service

    Invite us in to supplement your staff, whether you need professional mentoring, some additional hands on deck, an external team to execute an upcoming project, or help launching your Elixir mobile app.

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Capability Statement

We are ready to tackle custom software problems for private, public, and government clients alike.

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There's a lot of strategic thinking baked into DockYard’s process. From the very beginning, they're just kind of end-to-end. As a design firm, they have a very strong focus on the end user. We can come to them with a vision of what the product has to do, but they're very disciplined about helping us think through various segments of users and how each would use our application.

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Create a Positive Digital Footprint with Ethical Products

Ethical product strategy is the best-kept secret to sustainable growth. Download our Ebook to learn what it is, how it can improve your business, and how to start implementing it today.

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Strategy Guide titled Ethical Product Strategy: Your Key to Long-Term Success

One Team, Many Superpowers

There’s just no “B” team here. DockYard team members are both highly specialized in their fields and A+ collaborators.

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Now, for the “how”

See the innovative techniques, tools, and technologies we use to help our clients gain more flexibility in how they realize their product vision.

Capabilities and Technology

Let's Accelerate Time to Product Delivery Success

Tell us what you’re looking for and how we can help.

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