The preeminent Elixir consultancy

Elixir is a functional programming language that draws strength from the Erlang virtual machine on which it runs. Companies turn to Elixir to build fast, concurrent, fault-tolerant apps for the web and for embedded systems. Paired with a powerful web framework such as Phoenix, there’s no need to compromise between productivity and performance. DockYard helps lead deployment tooling for Elixir and the development of Phoenix and LiveView, making us the perfect Elixir firm.

Full service, full stack

Whether designing and developing a new software, mobile, or web app for a bold vision, or updating an existing app, we’ve probably encountered — and solved — your challenge.

  • Full service consulting

    Strategy, UX, design, full stack engineering, testing, QA, and project management.

  • Architectural reviews

    Rest easy knowing your application is structured sensibly and works flawlessly.

  • Staff augmentation

    Extra horsepower to meet your most aggressive project deadlines.

  • Training

    Build team knowledge on recent Elixir and Phoenix best practices.

Developing the community

DockYard is passionately committed to Elixir. In addition to sponsoring ElixirConf, we’re active in the Elixir open source development community, contributing to the language and its frameworks and libraries, as well as presenting at conferences internationally. We’re the primary financial sponsor of Phoenix and employ both Chris McCord, its creator, and Paul Schoenfelder, a leader in Elixir’s strategy and the development of deployment tooling.

Why DockYard for Elixir

  • Full stack services.

  • Unparalleled Elixir expertise.

  • Best practices and quality baked in.

  • Elixir community support.

  • Sponsor of the Phoenix framework.

  • Deep LiveView expertise.

  • Dedicated teams distributed nationwide.

  • Trusted by global companies.

Learn why we’re unique

Working with DockYard was a great experience. Their extensive knowledge in Phoenix and Elixir helped level up our team and we look forward to future engagements.

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