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Elixir is a functional programming language that runs on and draws strength from the Erlang virtual machine. Companies turn to Elixir to build fast, concurrent, fault-tolerant apps for the web and for embedded systems. Paired with a powerful web framework such as Phoenix, there’s no need to compromise between productivity and performance. DockYard helps lead deployment tooling for Elixir and the development of Phoenix and LiveView, making us the perfect Elixir firm.

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Full Service, Full Stack

Whether designing and developing from scratch or updating an existing software, mobile, or web app, we've probably encountered – and solved – your challenge.

  • Growing fast? We’ve got you covered.

    Elixir was purpose-built to handle huge numbers of connections. So when your product takes off, you’ll have nothing holding you back.

  • No time for downtime.

    Elixir is built on the battle-tested Erlang Virtual Machine, which means you get decades of improvements built right into the language from day one.

  • Time is money. Save on both.

    You can do more in less time with Elixir than most other programming languages. So you save on development and server costs without losing functionality.

  • Got something brand new? We’re up for the challenge.

    We’ve sponsored (or built) some of the most important Elixir advances over several years, and we’re ready to put our creative solutions to work for you.

Why DockYard for Elixir

  • Full stack services
  • Unparalleled Elixir expertise
  • Best practices and quality baked in
  • Elixir community support
  • Sponsor of the Phoenix framework
  • Dedicated teams distributed nationwide
  • Trusted by global companies
Learn Why We're Unique
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DockYard sees the big picture, and they can work with you to craft the solution that meets and exceeds the needs of your users while also providing world-class developer ergonomics and incredible training. If you chose DockYard, your users, your employees, and your company will be better for it.

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Senior Software Developer, McGraw-Hill Education

The Business Value of Elixir

Elixir is built so that, even if one part of an application crashes, the system as a whole continues running. It uses the stability of Erlang—built to handle the concurrency needs of telephony systems—to keep your digital product up and running without a hitch.

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Elixir Guide titled The Business Value of Elixir


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