Netflix Scripts

Digitizing and organizing detailed written content for instant access

DockYard was tasked by Netflix to create a customized script breakdown and editing web application that seamlessly converts PDF files into HTML, enabling writers to seamlessly edit and distribute digitized versions of a script.

A screenshot of the P|Scripts application showing a scene breakdown
The custom-built structure enables scalability to meet growing production needs, and integration capabilities enable companies to make the most of existing services while reducing the long-term costs associated with third-party subscription services.

The challenge

Movie and TV production creators have relied on the slow, manual, and cumbersome methods of writing, editing, and breaking down scripts in an effort to preserve the traditional, long-standing format that has been used in Hollywood for decades. These methods made it difficult to react quickly to directors’ urgent dialogue and scene edit requests, causing production-wide delays and complications across teams.

The solution

DockYard created P|Scripts, a web application that consolidates all script editing and breakdown functions into a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard. The application makes it faster and more convenient for writers and editors to make on-the-fly script updates and create new schedule breakdown sheets to keep filming on track. It also enables studios to collect and centralize high-level production data and create cross-departmental reports to inform budget, scheduling, and resourcing requirements for current and future productions.


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