Netflix Calendar

A comprehensive view of timelines across all project phases

DockYard was tasked by Netflix to create a customized web application that enables production and project managers to create, organize, and share high-level calendars for each phase of a production.

A screenshot of the P|Calendar application showing both grid and 30-day view
The custom-built structure enables scalability to meet evolving production needs, and integration capabilities allow companies to make the most of existing APIs while reducing costs associated with third-party subscription services.

The challenge

Traditionally, production coordinators responsible for creating high-level calendars constructed them on paper or in elaborate Excel spreadsheets. Piecemealing these complex calendars together was a tedious process, and the lack of streamlined and standardized processes made it difficult to assemble and share comprehensive timeline information across production departments.

The solution

DockYard created P|Calendar, a modern web application that enables production managers to add and modify production details, re-order and prioritize specific schedule details, and share calendars in various formats tailored to specific department needs. The app helps prevent scheduling overlaps, and shows timeline gaps and projected itineraries, allowing teams to prioritize tasks and manage time. Calendar enables studios to collect and centralize high-level production data and insights to inform budget, scheduling, and resourcing requirements for productions.


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