Netflix Distribution

Delivering documents to the right people — quickly and securely

Netflix enlisted DockYard to redesign and rebuild an integrated emailing and watermarking application that would make it faster and more secure to distribute sensitive production documentation and information.

A screenshot of the P|Distribution application with a list of recipients on the right side and multiple options and configuration for sending on the left main section
P|Distribution integrates with Netflix’s larger Prodicle suite of applications, which addresses various operational aspects of production and reimagines how television and movie content are brought to life.

The challenge

In Hollywood, securing scripts and other production information has been predominantly a manual process. Production assistants have used personal email, fax, and even hand delivery to ensure the right information made it to the right person. The disparate and complicated methods were not only inefficient, cumbersome, and vulnerable, but they frequently exposed sensitive information.

The solution

DockYard created P|Distribution, an emailing and watermarking web application, to make it fast, easy, and secure to search for and attach documents, create emails, and quickly and seamlessly watermark confidential documents prior to sending. Distribution protects intellectual property and personal information, reduces costs associated with third-party subscription services, and makes collaboration easier and more meaningful.


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