It's Not A Vacation

Ocean State
Brian Cardarella

CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

DockYard is invading The Ocean State!

Ocean State

There is one annoying issue working with a remote team: Everybody is remote. There is something lost when you don’t get to see the people you’re working with. Apps like Skype have made a difference how remote work is done. We’re not any less productive, but it’s difficult to grab drinks with co-workers when they’re 2 hours away.

To that end we’ve decided to work from a city for a week once every few months. We’ll pack up, grab a hotel, and lock ourselves in a coffee shop to get a crazy amount of work done. Our girlfriends and wives might disagree but we’re calling this: It’s Not A Vacation

We’re very serious about this, the entire week is a dedicated work week. We’ve set some ambitious goals for our client applications and we’re all pretty fired up to get going. There is something interesting that happens to productivity with you shake things up.

This is of course all experimental so I’ll write a follow up at the end of the week on how things went.


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