Ember Conf: Ember for Rails Devs

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Brian Cardarella

CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

We invite you to learn from DockYard for a day before Ember Conf in Portland, Oregon. We will be offering a one day training session for Ruby on Rails developers interested in learning how to build Ember Applications. Over the course of the day we will teach you the following:

Introduction to Higher Level JavaScript Concepts

  • ES6 Modules
  • Promises

Introduction to Ember Concepts

  • Client side MVC
  • Ember.Object
  • All the stuff under the hood of Router, Routes, Models, Controllers, Components, Templates, and the Runloop
  • Ember Data

Introduction to Ember Appkit Rails

  • How to build a new Ember project with Rails
  • Generators
  • Testing

Together we wil build two applications before the day is over. The first will be a simple CRUD “blog” style application. Time permitting the second will be a more advanced desktop-quality style applicaiton.

Seats are limited, be sure to get your ticket before they sell out!

About The Instructors

Brian Cardarella

Brian is the CEO of DockYard and has been developing in Ember since late 2012. He was a speaker at the “first” Ember conference, Ember Camp, in 2013. Brian is the author of some popular Ember libraries such as ember-validations and ember-easyForm. Recently he has been focusing most of his open source time on building Ember Appkit Rails, which is a re-implementation of Ember App Kit for the Rails Asset Pipeline.

Robert Jackson

Robert is a Sr. Developer at DockYard. He is a member of the Ember Release Management Team and a significant contributor to Ember. He spends much of his free time helping maintain a number of Ember related open-source projects including: Ember Data, Ember Appkit Rails, Ember App Kit, the EAK/EAKR resolver, ember-rails, ember-easyForm, and ember-validations.


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