Alert messages in Ember Apps

Brian Cardarella

CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

Something that feels missing from Ember is a way to send, from anywhere in my app, a general alert message. Something that would pop up in my app, display for a few seconds and disappear.

Clearly, this is something that should not be part of Ember itself but it is a common enough feature that someone should build it.

I call it Woof.

It currently only exists on jsbin

WoofWoof! Notifier for Ember

So for the time being you’ll need to copy/paste. We’ll be extracting it into a plugin soon enough.

Basically, Woof will inject itself into your routes, controllers, and components. You will need to embed the Woof component somewhere in your templates:


Woof injects a woof object similar to how ember-data injects a store object. You can push a message onto Woof using some of the pre-defined types or create your own:'This is an info message');
this.woof.pushObject({type: 'customType', message: 'Woof! Woof!

This code comes with Twitter Bootstrap types setup:

  • danger
  • info
  • success
  • warning

The x-woof component will loop through all woofs in the array and print out a div with the type as the class for specific styling purposes.

The code in the JSBin is setup and styled for Twitter Bootstrap. The event handling is setup for removing the woof when the css opacity transition completes. Browser support may vary.


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