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Brian Cardarella

CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

I’m proud to announce the new

With this relaunch of our website we are also changing our direction as a company. We’ve always been considered an engineering company but we are now considering ourselves a User Experience company. All of our design and engineering decisions go into delivering a modern user experience on the web for our clients.

This new website is also built how we believe modern web applications should be built: with Ember.js on the front-end and Phoenix on the back-end.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to share the story of how our team rebuilt You’ll hear from our Creative Director Steven Trevathan on what went into the Discovery of our new website, the design decisions made, as well as a view of some early mockups and how we came to the final design. Dan McClain, the head of our Engineering team will discuss how we built our Ember application the “DockYard Way” which meant we had to make contributions back to Ember itself, as well as several other libraries, in order to get the experience just right. Amanda Cheung, our Lead UX Developer, will share what efforts went into the implementation of the design; how we build modern responsive markup. Finally you’ll hear from Jon Lacks, our Project Manager, who will show how we managed the rebuild of our own website using the exact same processes we use on our client projects.

Along with these stories we’ll not just tell you how we did things, we plan to show you. We’ll be open sourcing all of the code for the Ember front-end as well as the Phoenix back-end in the coming weeks. There are also many libraries that we plan to extract from the application to share with everyone.

I’m extremely proud of the team for delivering this rebuild. It is the best example of the quality and integrity of our design and technical capabilities to date.


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