DockYard Launches Redesigned Website

Jessica Krywosa

Marketing Director

Jessica Krywosa

Today, DockYard released a new version of their flagship website This latest iteration provides more indepth information on DockYard’s software design and engineering services, body of work, and pursuit of best practice web app development.

“Our new website design represents a collaborative effort between our design and engineering teams to deliver a clean, fast, and beautiful vision for how we want the world to view DockYard,” says Brian Cardarella, DockYard CEO. “As with all of our internal design and engineering efforts we pushed ourselves to not compromise on the implementation.”

In the coming weeks users will see even more advances on, including better representations on the company’s culture, hiring, and team. Their blog—”Reefpoints”—will also receive a refresh with a design that better organizes content and provides a more immersive reading experience. New case studies and exclusive content on Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) will also be updated regularly, providing a more thorough understanding of the solutions that DockYard creates.

“We have many lessons learned that we hope to share with the community as a whole,” continues Cardarella. “One of our primary missions at DockYard is to help improve the eco-system that we work in. Improvements to many of our Ember.js and Elixir libraries came out of this effort, and we’re excited to share these in the coming weeks.”

For more information on DockYard and it’s services please visit

DockYard is a software consultancy driven by creating exceptional user experiences. By approaching software with the user experience at the forefront, DockYard delivers web applications that beat out native applications in any web browser using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.


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