DockYard’s Progressive Web App Named ‘App of the Month’ by Cruising World

High Tide PWA
Jessica Krywosa

Marketing Director

Jessica Krywosa

Cruising World the go-to site and magazine for sailing enthusiasts, recently named DockYard’s Progressive Web App, High Tide, ‘App of the Month’.

The magazine’s praise for High Tide included some of the most lauded Progressive Web App (PWA) features and benefits: add to homescreen, push notifications, and elimination of the antiquated requirements of downloading, updating, and relinquishing space to an app.

With the launch of High Tide, DockYard announced that they will be focusing on a specialized service in their catalog: the development of PWAs. High Tide was developed to contextualize the benefits of PWAs, providing a straight-forward, beautiful example for those seeking to test drive a PWA, on both desktop and mobile environments.

PWAs have gained popularity recently as businesses seek solutions to the high costs of creating, maintaining, and re-engaging users through a mobile application. Progressive Web Apps alleviate these issues by using the web browser as their primary platform, while still providing the functionality and ease of use of a native app.

For more information on how a Progressive Web App can transform your business, or to see DockYard’s High Tide example, please visit


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