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The Elixir programming language has been a great choice for developers and organizations in various industries — from information technology to automotive to education — particularly for the creation of blockchain technology that is fast, secure, and easy to use. But mastering techniques to create such complex domains requires practice, as well as trial and error.

In her recent Lonestar ElixirConf presentation, Engineer Elle Imhoff dived into the uses of Ecto for developing an open-source Ethereum explorer that can be deployed for casting and validating the elaborate and intricate data transactions involved in blockchain.

A blockchain involves blocks, or batches of transactions strung together through cryptography. Records in those transactions are maintained across systems as they are shared; and new batches are added using a hash to include previous records. By ensuring that the hash, timestamp, and transaction data within each block are consistent, blockchain users can be assured that information in the network is secure and accurate.

While Elle’s presentation focuses on a specific project for Ethereum – an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system – the Ecto techniques can be applied to any complex domain that must be able to ingest millions of lines of data in a short time frame. If you need to know how to effectively use Ecto for an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process, or copying data into a another system that represents the data differently from the original source, this presentation is for you.

Read Elle’s presentation to find out her thoughts on Ecto techniques and database needs and to see examples of building a custom Ecto.Type for hashes using Elixir and Phoenix. In addition, watch her full Lonestar ElixirConf presentation below.

Elle’s DockYard blog post also covers her Elixir work, including Ecto and IntelliJ Elixir.

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