We Support #BlackLivesMatter

Outlining the steps we are taking internally to build on our existing Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

This blog was updated on Monday, June 22, 2020 to reflect additional action DockYard is taking to support racial justice.

DockYard is saddened and incited by the pain reverberating across our nation caused by systemic racism and inequality.

We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, friends, and communities as they grapple with the senseless killing of George Floyd and countless others whose lives have been tragically and unnecessarily taken from us too soon.

As an organization, we condemn racism, discrimination, and acts of police brutality that continue to disproportionally hurt Black lives. We have always celebrated diversity, inclusivity, and the importance of giving equal weight to all voices.

But words without action are simply not enough.

That’s why we are taking a number of steps internally to build on our existing Diversity & Inclusion initiatives by strengthening our support for marginalized groups, encouraging respectful dialogue, and strengthening allyship. We’re also encouraging employees to participate in our democratic system by ensuring they have flexibility to vote in elections at local, state, and national levels.

We believe every voice should have the opportunity to shape change. To support the voices of marginalized voters, members of our leadership team have signed the Colors of Change petition to protect Black voters by fully funding safe elections through the HEROES Act.

Today and always, we are watching, listening, learning, and standing with our Black teammates whose community has continued to endure harrowing injustice. We are reflecting on the many ways we can continue to not just say, but show our support for justice through action and will be sharing those initiatives as they continue to take shape.

UPDATE: To honor our commitment to support Black lives through action, we’re announcing that DockYard will match up to $10K worth of charitable donations made by our employees to organizations progressing racial justice for the Black community.

We’re inspired by each and every DockYarder who has shared, listened, and learned together during these times of necessary change.

For us, the conversation and commitment continues. We look forward to sharing updates on ongoing and future initiatives to support equality.


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