ElixirConf 2021: How DockYard brought enterprise experience to Veeps' startup engineering team

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Cynthia Gandarilla

For more details on how DockYard brought Veeps’ startup engineering team to an enterprise level, watch the recorded presentation from ElixirConf 2021.

As COVID-19 spurred a rapid shift from in-person to virtual events, concert livestreaming platform Veeps needed to scale up, fast. So they turned to DockYard to help take their engineering power to the next level.

At this year’s ElixirConf, DockYard Senior Software Engineer Mike Binns will join Veeps CTO Vincent Franco to dive into how DockYard and Veeps partnered to bring enterprise-level engineering to the booming startup. Their discussion will cover how DockYard left Veeps with a solution that met their immediate needs and left them ready for more growth.

When Veeps approached DockYard in 2020, they had a significant problem to solve. A rapidly expanding user base was pushing up against the limits of their current system, and they needed a way to adapt to the new demand.

It’s an all too common issue: A startup that built its system to get off the ground quickly is successful in growing its user base, but then needs a more robust platform to handle demand.

Veeps was at exactly that crossroads. As a livestreaming platform bringing musical performances to a larger and larger audience, they needed something that could avoid bottlenecks and keep up with their growth.

Fortunately, it’s a problem DockYard has solved before.

After examining the existing system, DockYard suggested a comprehensive rebuild in Elixir. Building the original system in Ruby allowed Veeps to bring their platform to fans quickly, but Elixir’s inherent concurrency and scalability benefits made it the ideal solution for Veeps’ continued growth.

Veeps agreed and, over the next several months, DockYard built a new system from the ground up using Elixir. DockYard brought its experience planning and executing for enterprise clients and applied it to Veeps’ needs.

The result was a platform that not only solved Veeps’ immediate problem, but left them ready to continue growing well into the future.

Learn more about exactly how DockYard’s team found and implemented a unique solution to Veeps’ needs at this year’s ElixirConf. Franco and Binns will walk through the process and delve into how Elixir can set up growing startups for success on Tuesday, October 12 at 2:15 p.m. CDT during Veeps — from Opening Act to Headliner: How Veeps and DockYard turned a Startup Engineering Team into an Enterprise Engineering Team.

DockYard is a digital product consultancy specializing in production-ready apps that scale wonderfully as companies grow. We offer a range of consulting services with capabilities in product planning, design, user experience (UX), full-stack engineering, and QA. Over the last decade, DockYard has solved complex product challenges for visionary companies like Netflix, Apple, Nasdaq, and Harvard. We’re also dedicated to advancing open-source web development technologies, such as libraries and tooling built around the Elixir programming language. From idea to impact, DockYard empowers ambitious teams to build for the future. Visit us at www.dockyard.com.


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