Want to Scale? Plan for Growth Early (and Deliberately)

Headshot of Summer Lamson
Cynthia  Gandarilla

Marketing Manager

Cynthia Gandarilla

You’ve launched your MVP, your startup is doing well, and now you’re eyeing the next stage—scaling.

It’s an exciting time for you and your team! The best way to capitalize on your momentum is to plan for your scale before you get started hiring new people, launching new features, and attracting new users.

So take a beat and evaluate whether you’re ready to scale. Keep an eye out for red flags like data you can’t rely on or a backlog of technical debt that just never quite seems to shrink. DockYard’s Summer Lamson identified nine signs that your startup isn’t ready to scale.

Find all of them—and how you can address them—in the full article on VentureBeat.


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