LiveView Native Weekly Update #4

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Brian Cardarella

CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

This week’s update will be a lite one as we’re on the cusp of getting LiveView Native Core ready for use.

Paul Schoenfelder has been busy writing what will be our base implementation of a LiveView and Channels client in Rust. This will require language-specific bindings for any consuming client but that is significantly less work than writing the LiveView and Channels clients from scratch and it allows us to absorb any upstream changes into one library rather than having to do so across multiple implementations.

We hope to have the first pass of this pushed to the repo next week and start to integrate it into the SwiftUI client pretty quickly. This will allow us to drop support for the web-like forms in the currently SwiftUI client and extract that functionality into its own library as this isn’t an actual behavior included in the SwiftUI component library.

On the SwiftUI side, Anil made some changes to how the LiveView Native SwiftUI client tutorial is being compiled, so now we should see any changes within the client library itself update the tutorial so we don’t have our educational material go stale. If you do run across anything in the tutorial that isn’t working please open an issue so we can address it ASAP.

We are still actively hiring for a full-time SwiftUI engineer to join our R&D team and help build out the client. Anil is fantastic but his time is limited to 10 hours per week. We really need someone that can join the team full-time.

Ideally, this individual also has experience with Elixir, Phoenix, and of course LiveView. But that isn’t necessary, just a nice to have. If you or you know someone that would be a good fit for this role please apply.


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