LiveView Native Weekly Update #6

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Brian Cardarella

CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

Last week we skipped as I was a bit under the weather. This week brings with it some great news, the Core integration of the DOM and viewtree functions is “done for now”. Next is for some additional changes to be made to Core’s network layer but this doesn’t hold up (for now) getting back to work on the SwiftUI client.

First order of business is version locking the SwiftUI client to iOS16. The client had previously been version locked to iOS15 but with iOS16 having been released over a month ago, and that we’re already on the 2nd patch release, it was time to version lock. There are some advances in iOS16/Swift 5.7 that make the job of building LiveView Native easier, and conversely supporting prior versions of iOS/Swift would have been too much work for us to consider at this time.

Over the next few weeks we should start to see the SwiftUI client evolve towards the previously stated goal of parity with the SwiftUI project itself. This includes the removal of the web-behavior form controls into its own package. This may end up being named something like liveview-client-swiftui-common and be comprised of several common patterns that aren’t part of SwiftUI and would require custom components. For example, supporting uploads.

See everyone next week!


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