DockYard Launches Ethical Product Strategy Evaluation Service Offering

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Cynthia  Gandarilla

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Cynthia Gandarilla

BOSTON, MASS. July 18, 2023 - DockYard, a leading digital product consultancy, is proud to announce the launch of its newest service offering: Ethical Product Strategy Evaluation.

This pioneering service empowers digital product development companies to improve their product strategy by considering key ethical topics, such as product implementation, data privacy, security, accessibility, and more. The results are user-focused, competitive, ethically sound products that safeguard brand loyalty and customer retention.

In today’s saturated market of digital products, consumers are quick to move on from companies that fail to build products with user needs at their core. Consider issues like data security, impacts on mental and physical health, or any of the other myriad user concerns. Digital product development companies need to consider the long-term impacts of their products if they want to grow successfully.

DockYard’s Ethical Product Strategy Evaluation service offers a unique opportunity for companies to partner with an expert agency to build an ethical strategy for their product or improve their current strategy with ethical considerations. Over the course of the evaluation, digital product development organizations will learn how to build longevity and resilience into their product using the lens of ethical product development.

Key benefits of an ethical product strategy include:

  1. Improved ROI: Ethics are attractive to consumers. Winners of Ethisphere’s 2022 Most Ethical Companies award outperformed a comparable index of large-cap stocks by 24.6%.

  2. Risk Mitigation: During the process of building an ethical product strategy, digital product development companies will identify key areas that could derail their products’ success. These considerations range from misuse by bad actors that can damage brand loyalty to the potential for emerging technologies to disrupt their products’ markets, and more. By placing users at the center of product development, an ethical product strategy will prepare companies ahead of time to address risks before they threaten their bottom line.

  3. Clear Paths for Growth: Building trust and maintaining brand loyalty are crucial to finding sustained growth in today’s competitive market. By building an ethical product strategy, companies will develop a roadmap that keeps their users top of mind in every step of the development process. The natural result is a product that continually delights and attracts more users as time goes on. By incorporating ethical guidelines, businesses can cultivate a positive brand image and foster long-term customer relationships.

“Ethical product strategy puts humans at the center of everything we do. Adopting ethical practices in product development puts an organization on a path of sustainable growth, ready to weather changing markets, new competitors, and threats to its brand. It’s a form of tangible risk mitigation purpose-built to help a company not only delight its users again and again, but avoid missteps that can interrupt—or derail—success,” said DockYard Associate Director of Product Strategy, Samantha Gonzalez.

DockYard invites digital product development companies to explore the benefits of its Ethical Product Strategy Evaluation service and learn how it can help them reach success, faster. To learn more about this groundbreaking service, please visit

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