LiveView Native Workshop: Learn to Build and Deploy a Native Elixir App

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Cynthia  Gandarilla

Marketing Manager

Cynthia Gandarilla

Your mobile app needs to be reliable, scalable, and capable of handling huge numbers of users. LiveView Native is the answer. Get in touch to learn how we can put it to use for you.

Join DockYard founder and CEO Brian Cardarella on January 24 to learn how to build an app with LiveView Native, Elixir’s first native development framework.

During the free workshop, attendees will learn how to install LiveView Native, build an app with it, and finally deploy their application to the Apple ecosystem of products.

Attendees who would like to build their own app should have a MacBook with Xcode 15.1 or higher and Elixir 1.15 installed. Currently only iOS devices are supported. Anyone without those requirements can still attend, but you will be paired with another developer.

For more information and to sign up to attend, visit the workshop Meetup page. If you can’t attend this event, another workshop will take place in March in New York City.

The workshop will take place Wednesday, January 24 from 6:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m in the Havana Room at the Cambridge Innovation Center at 1 Broadway.


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