Elixir, AI, and More: What's Next in Tech with Foy Savas

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Cynthia Gandarilla

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In this latest episode of the Elixir Roundtable, host and DockYard CEO Brian Cardarella chats with tech entrepreneur Foy Savas about his dynamic career trajectory, outlook on product development, and what’s next in the tech industry.

During the episode, Brian and Foy discuss the opportunities and challenges in the tech world, the role of venture capital in tech investing, the importance of product-market fit, and Foy’s experience pivoting his own product company to meet the demands of a real-world market

The conversation highlights the significance of tech decisions for startups and the need to adapt to changing market dynamics. They discuss the pace of technological advancement, and Foy expresses his optimism that while the industry has shifted significantly from the early days of tech development, there are still a wide range of problems to be solved using tech. It may be rare now to be able to spin up a product in a matter of days and launch it to huge success, but opportunities to build new and impactful products are still available.

Foy discusses the impact of emerging technologies like AI, acknowledging existing opportunities but highlighting the need for more time and effort in today’s landscape.

The conversation also touches on the journey with Elixir and its potential as a future programming language before they end with a discussion of Foy’s views on the current tech world, anticipating a reset, and exploring the potential role of AI in the next technological wave.


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