OpenHack Boston 1.0


CEO & Founder

Brian Cardarella

Last night we hosted Boston’s first OpenHack event.

Nick Quaranto started OpenHack at his CoWorkBuffalo office space, based upon BostonRB’s former (don’t get me started) Hackfests. The idea is pretty simple: a quiet space with food, drinks, and wifi is provided. Developers show up and hack on some software for a few hours.

On 2-day notice we had 11 in attendance and all around everyone had a very productive night. Currently our office maxes out at 20 chairs so until we buy more we cannot accept over 20, but next month we will open the event to a wider audience. We want to welcome more than just Ruby devs (with the exception of 2 all were Ruby devs) to the event.

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Narwin holding a press release sheet while opening the DockYard brand kit box