Expanding the Yard

Angelo Simeoni

UX Developer

Angelo Simeoni

Outgrowing simplicity

The first version of our site was contained within a single page. At the time, it served its purpose well. As we added more, it began to feel like it trying to do too much. Upon recognizing this, we began reimagining our site.

Structural changes

The very first step we took was to establish a reasonable structure of our new site. This helped to inform the site content, and much of the new site design.

We decided to make the landing page an overview of DockYard. Our work deserved its own place to be shown. We have added people to our team, and we wanted a page dedicated to community & open source projects. We have this blog thing, and we also wanted a dedicated contact page.

Design & code

After the structural decisions had been made, it was time to put down some design. This was done primarily in the browser using actual code. This allowed rapid iteration over page layout, content tweaks, and especially mobile design. Being able to try things almost right away in browser informed many design decisions.

With the new design, the Narwin (half narwhal, half penguin) was introduced as our mascot and overseer of all things nautical. We have high confidence that he will serve us loyally now and in the future.

Well done

It was a lot of fun to reimagine our site and we are all proud of the result. It is designed to grow and evolve along with us.

There are plenty of hidden surprises in the new site. See if you can find an easter egg or two.


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Narwin holding a press release sheet while opening the DockYard brand kit box