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Starting tomorrow night (June 12th, 2012) The Boston Ruby Group will be streaming its monthly meeting live via Google Hangouts on Air The streaming will start at 6:45 PM US Eastern Time and the meeting itself will start at 7pm or a few minutes after. The meeting should run until 9pm.

This will allow those that cannot attend the meeting to watch the raw stream live from anywhere in the world on YouTube. We will also reserve a few seats in the Google Hangout itself for other user groups in the New England area to join. Questions will be allowed from these user groups after each presentation just as any audience member will be able to.

We’re very excited about using this technology to expand BostonRB. If things go well we will want to invite more user groups to virtually attend our meetings in the future. If you are an organizer of a small local group and have difficulty pulling in some of the larger names in the Ruby community for presentations we want you to leverage BostonRB.

In addition, even though Boston is a great tech-hub we still are far enough away where it is difficult for some presenters to travel. We would like to invite presenters to BostonRB to present their material via Google Hangouts.

In the coming months we plan on using the Google Hangouts technology in new ways to reach out to our community. Imagine having live office hours where local expert Ruby devs can answer questions. Or online classes where students can follow along. We understand that getting to some of our events can be difficult or even intimidating. Now we can eliminate that barrier.

So please follow the BostonRB Twitter Account. Tomorrow night we’ll tweet the link to the live stream. We’ll also embed the YouTube player onto the BostonRB homepage. In the future we’ll be making other very cool announcements as well.

As always, if you are in Boston we invite you come to the meeting and if you are not in Boston or cannot make it you now have a new option.


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