Concurrent Indexes in PostgreSQL for Rails 4 and Postgres_ext

Dan McClain

Partner & Developer

Dan McClain

PostgreSQL allows you to create your indexes concurrently so that your table isn’t locked as the index builds. This allows you to avoid taking a performance hit when adding a new index to a large table. Yesterday, I submitted a pull request to Rails that as merged in this morning that allows you to add concurrent indexes through the add_index method in your migrations. To create an index concurrently, you add the algorithm: :concurrently option to the add_index call

add_index :table, :column, algorithm: :concurrently

A side effect of this commit is that it also enables the algorithm option for MySQL too, so MySQL users can create indexes using DEFAULT, INPLACE or COPY algorithm when creating indexes.

Postgres_ext gains concurrent index support as well

This morning I added support for concurrent indexes to postgres_ext as well, using the same syntax as the Rails 4 example above. The 0.3.0 version of postgres_ext was released, which contains this, and a slew of other improvements as well. One thing to note, the index_type option for add_index has been renamed to using to match Rails 4.

If you have any features you want to see in postgres_ext or have any issues, open an issue!


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