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Uniquely qualified to handle your most ambitious Ember project

Full-stack projects

Project management, design discovery, UX/UI, and engineering.

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Extra horsepower to meet your project deadline.

Staff training

Build team knowledge on the most recent Ember updates and best practices.

Architectural reviews

Rest easy knowing your code is working at its cost-effective best.

Why DockYard?

  • Unparallelled expertise

    Whether it’s upgrading your team and your code or creating a new project from an idea, we’ve probably encountered—and solved—your current challenge.

  • Leading the community

    Conference presentations, meetups, and even creating our own events are just a few of the ways we’ve supported the Ember community.

  • Trusted by the biggest companies

    We’re very proud of the work we’ve done with well known Fortune 500 companies and ambitious startups.

  • We support the core of Ember

    DockYard is a key contributor to the Ember platform through various high level open source projects.

2015 Wicked Good Ember Conference, Boston

We’re a big part of the Ember community, too!

We made an early investment in the Ember eco-system and have continued to pour resources into its continued development. Our commitment to the Ember community involves conferences we’ve run, meetups we’ve organized, open source we’ve written, and Ember Core Team members we’ve employed. We believe that Ember is the best choice for building modern web applications.

Boston Ember logo

Boston Ember

Founded by DockYard, this is Boston’s premier Ember meetup. Eat, drink, and hack!

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Wicked Good Ember

In 2016, over 200 Embereñas took part in an unforgettable day and night of Ember.

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DockYard Open Source

“In terms of an Ember consultancy, there literally is no better shop than DockYard. (…) As a result we were able to stay on the bleeding edge of Ember updates with virtually no disruption to daily development operations.”

Hassan Abdel-Rahman Senior Software Developer McGraw-Hill Education

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