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We know Ember.js inside and out, and we can help your company deliver a world-class Ember.js application. We’ve been working with Ember.js since before 1.0 and have been heavily involved with its development and the community’s efforts in promoting the framework. We run The Boston Ember.js Group as well as Wicked Good Ember Conf – one of the largest annual Ember.js conferences in the world.

  • Projects

    For years, we have been consulting on Ember.js-based applications for startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our team of designers are some of the most experienced in the world at creating modern web experiences that leverage Ember.js’s powerful capabilities. Our Ember.js consultants are world-recognized leaders in the Ember.js community. Together we build platforms with Ember.js that no other team can deliver. We manage all of our projects with a dedicated project manager to ensure deliverables are on time and on budget.

    DockYard provided a solid foundation and robust test suite, complete with continuous integration, that has enabled the swift and stable development of features for Learnivore.

    Heather Alexandra CTO Learnivore
  • Staff Augmentation

    You may be swamped, or perhaps your team is not up to speed with the best way to build modern web experiences with Ember.js. We’ll pair with your team to make them better Ember.js developers and to get your project back on track.

    DockYard came up to speed quickly and provided invaluable architectural guidance. DockYard’s insights facilitated dramatic implementation velocity gains as the project went forward.

    Hassan Abdel-Rahman Senior Software Developer McGraw-Hill Education
  • Ember.js Training

    We offer on-site corporate training. Our typical training course is a 2-day event where we welcome engineers of all skill levels. We’ll teach them everything we know about building Ember.js applications, from the basics down to deployment, testing, working with backends, and even optimization.

  • Code Audits

    Have an existing product and just want suggestions on best practices to ensure its long-term integrity? Our Ember.js consultants will produce a report that breaks down your application and gives your team a guide for the future.

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