DockYard Announces New Focus on Progressive Web Apps

DockYard's High Tide Progressive Web App (PWA)

Boston-based software consultancy, DockYard, announced today a new focus on a specialized service in their catalog: the development of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). To help contextualize the benefits of PWAs, DockYard created High Tide, a sample PWA that supplies information on high tides via search or geolocation on both desktop and mobile environments.

PWAs have gained popularity recently as businesses seek solutions to poor and varied user experiences across mobile devices. To make matters worse, mobile apps come with high development, maintanance, and re-engagment costs. In general, mobile apps see a high abandonment rate and cost per user, while also seeing lower user engagement and conversion rates. These are just a few costly issues that Progressive Web Apps help to alleviate by using the web browser as their primary platform, while still providing the functionality and ease of use of a mobile application. This means development of one asset to serve as both primary website and mobile app-like experience across all devices and browsers.

User benefits of PWAs showcased in DockYard’s sample High Tide app include the ability to add to homescreen, an app-like experience, and push notifications. Overall, PWAs like High Tide provide a fast, light experience allowing users to accomplish a variety of goals without the added steps of downloading, updating, and constantly checking another mobile application.

If your business is ready to be transformed by a Progressive Web App, or to see DockYard’s High Tide example, please visit

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