Using Database Templates in Rails

Romina Vargas


Romina Vargas

Using Postgres as your application’s database? If so, there is a handy configuration option that you may not be aware about. The pg gem provides a template option that allows for copying already existing data into an application as long as you have matching schema.

To add this functionality, simply add the template option inside config/database.yml:

  adapter: postgresql
  encoding: unicode
  database: myapp_development
  template: my_template

Let’s go through a quick example. Suppose we have an existing database, food, and it contains an abundant amount of data with the following schema:

foods: name (string), category_id (integer)
categories: category (string)

To use the food database for our application, we are going to create a template by specifying our database with the following command:

createdb -T food my_food_template

We must now set up our Rails application and make sure that our schema matches that of our new template. Our Rails models will mimick food. Having done that, we can now modify our config/database.yml.

database: myapp_development
template: my_food_template

Run migrations and voilà! Our database has been populated and is ready to be used.

> psql myapp_development

> select * from foods;
  id |  name  | category_id
  1   apple       1
  2   banana      1
  3   spinach     2
  4   ice cream   3

> select * from categories;
  id |  category
  1   fruit
  2   vegetable
  3   other


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