Pluralize Your Word(s) With ember-pluralize

Romina Vargas


Romina Vargas

Do you ever find yourself repeating identical pieces of code throughout different projects? If so, that’s the perfect indicator for an addon opportunity. Ember Addons allow you to quickly integrate sharable code into different projects, without copy and pasting, via one simple command:

  ember install:addon addon-name

On some of our most recent projects, we kept finding the need to pluralize words based on how many of each item we had. Also, since our data is dynamic and constantly changing, the pluralization of a word should remain in sync with our fluctuating data. And so ember-pluralize was born.

After a quick ember install:addon ember-pluralize, using the addon is a piece of cake.

Let’s suppose we have a model like so:

export default Ember.Route.extend({
  model: function() {
    return Ember.A([
      Ember.Object.create({ name: 'Cartman', cheesyPoofs: 20 }),
      Ember.Object.create({ name: 'Stan', cheesyPoofs: 5 }),
      Ember.Object.create({ name: 'Kyle', cheesyPoofs: 1 }),
      Ember.Object.create({ name: 'Kenny', cheesyPoofs: 0 })

Now we want to output how many Cheesy Poofs each person has. This addon provides a helper that allows us to do the following in our template:

{{#each model as |person|}}
  {{}} has {{h-pluralize person.cheesyPoofs "Cheesy Poof"}}

which will output

// Cartman has 20 Cheesy Poofs
// Stan has 5 Cheesy Poofs
// Kyle has 1 Cheesy Poof
// Kenny has 0 Cheesy Poofs

And now, as they each start throwing back some Cheesy Poofs, the counts will start to update, as well as the word “Cheesy Poof”, according to how many are remaining. Alternatively, if you don’t need to display the actual number, passing in omitCount=true as the third parameter will exclude it from the output:

{{#each model as |person|}}
  {{}}'s {{h-pluralize person.cheesyPoofs "Cheesy Poof" omitCount=true}}
// Cartman's Cheesy Poofs
// Stan's Cheesy Poofs
// Kyle's Cheesy Poof
// Kenny's Cheesy Poofs

Note: If you’re using Ember Data, you will be provided with a built in pluralize helper through the Ember Inflector library. The helper is registered for availability in the template; the functionality is similar, but given that it takes up to two arguments (the count and the word), you’re not able to solely display the pluralized word based on a given a count.

If you’d like to see more on the addon, it can be found on GitHub!


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