ElixirConf EU 2022: IntelliJ Elixir Works Even if Your Code Doesn't

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Cynthia Gandarilla

IntelliJ Elixir is the Elixir plugin for JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, WebStorm, etc). Find the latest release and more information on the IntelliJ Elixir GitHub page.

DockYard principal software engineer Elle Imhoff will present the latest on her IntelliJ Elixir plugin at the 2022 ElixirConf EU conference on June 10.

During her talk, IntelliJ Elixir Works Even if Your Code Doesn’t, Imhoff will cover the updates she’s made to IntelliJ Elixir since early 2020. Most recently, Imhoff’s updates to IntelliJ Elixir included improvements to make nearly everything resolvable, and support for LEEx.

Imhoff began working on the plugin eight years ago following a talk on Elixir by Dave Thomas at a Lone Star Ruby conference. She’d already used RubyMine for Ruby development work, and—with the similarities between Ruby and Elixir syntax—decided to start working on an Elixir plugin.

She wanted a tool that would do for Elixir what RubyMine did for Ruby, including key bindings and go to definition capabilities, among other features.

Since then, she’s completed nearly 90 releases of the plugin over eight years, and almost 20 over the last two years. IntelliJ Elixir predates the Elixir Language Server (ElixirLS) by about two years, Imhoff said, and takes a different approach to ElixirLS, which relies on Microsoft’s Language Server Protocol. The different approach comes with some benefits, including continued integration with Markdown support for language-tagged code blocks.

For more on IntelliJ Elixir releases, catch up on some of Imhoff’s latest posts. And for more on the latest improvements to the plugin, watch the IntelliJ Elixir Works Even if Your Code Doesn’t session at ElixirConf EU.

IntelliJ Elixir Works Even if Your Code Doesn’t will start on Friday, June 10 at 13:30 BST/8:30 a.m. EDT Find a full list of ElixirConf EU 2022 panels on the event site.


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