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Hire the professionals. We’ve built the tools ourselves!

Let’s build together

We welcome your most ambitious Elixir & Phoenix project

Full-stack projects

Project management, design discovery, UX/UI, and engineering.

Staff augmentation

Extra horsepower to meet your project deadline.

Staff training

Build team knowledge on the most recent Elixir and Phoenix updates and best practices.

Architectural reviews

Rest easy knowing your code is working at its cost-effective best.

Why DockYard?

  • Unparallelled expertise

    Upgrading your team and your code or creating a new project from an idea? We’ve probably encountered—and solved—your challenge.

  • Leading the community

    Conference presentations, meetups, and even creating our own events are just a few of the ways we’ve supported the Elixir community.

  • Trusted by the biggest companies

    We’re very proud of the work we’ve done with well known Fortune 500 companies and ambitious startups.

  • We support the Phoenix Framework

    Through funding the project and hiring its creator, Chris McCord, we fully back Phoenix.

We’re in the Elixir & Phoenix community, too!

We’re proud to announce that we’re a Platinum sponsor of ElixirConf 2017!

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Lonestar Elixir

Listen to DockYard CEO Brian Cardarella on Holistically built and tested APIs.

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Boston Elixir

Our DockYard sponsored monthly event in Boston featuring guest speakers.

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ElixirConf EU

DockYarder Chris McCord to provide a keynote on the state of Phoenix.

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DockYard Open Source

“Working with DockYard was a great experience. Their extensive knowledge in Phoenix and Elixir helped level up our team and we look forward to future engagements.”

T.S. Lim CTO Tribe Learn Inc.

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