DockYard Built PWA Showcased at Google's Chrome Developer Summit

HighTide PWA

Marketing Director

Jessica Krywosa

DockYard’s sample Progressive Web App, High Tide, was demoed today during the 2017 Chrome Developer Summit in Yerba, California.

High Tide, developed as a simplified, yet elegant way to contextualize the benefits of PWAs, was launched last month in conjunction with DockYard’s announcement of their specialized focus on the creation of custom Progressive Web Apps for their clients. The PWA quickly gained recognition among developers and sailing enthusiasts alike, even earning recognition as Cruising World’s ‘App of the Month’.

DockYard’s work on PWAs including, High Tide, and a proprietary internal tool for a prominent Fortune 500 client, has afforded them opportunities to observe and overcome limitations in building custom Progressive Web Apps, including improving app load times, managing SVG assets, add to homescreen for iOS, and animating background gradients.

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Narwin holding a press release sheet while opening the DockYard brand kit box